BANG BANG SHOP is located 15 minutes out of the zone in Ventura California. Don’t tell anyone but Ventura is where all the artists are moving after being displaced by Snapchat in Venice.

We are a creative shop that prides ourselves on being tougher than most grips. Known in the business as problem solvers and fixers we love getting our heads around cool agency creative decks especially ones that shoot in Hawaii…wink wink.

If you are ever in the area stop by and say hello and we will take you to our favorite Tiki Bar or just crack some beers and hang around our campfire and talk shop.


DIRECTORS: Learn more about our directors Mouse McCoy and Kevin Zacher.


Work for Hire.

Have Experience.

Will Travel.

Dog Friendly.

Offer Cash Discounts.

Like Nice Things and eat Good Food.

Located in Ventura California.

Say Hello.